Saylor Brand Designer Clothing

New York based-designer Jillian Shatken is the mastermind behind the Saylor clothing brand.

She's created a contemporary label with bohemian-inspired looks that merge the relaxed California vibe with the cool urban energy of the East Coast. The result is a creative, woman-run line that's focused on celebrating other women. Shatken's goal is to use her beautiful and feminine designs to empower women and celebrate the strides women have made over the years. To help you find the perfect Saylor apparel for your closet, has all of the latest styles to elevate your wardrobe.

Saylor Fashion's Commitment to Sustainability

Saylor offers classic looks with modern twists, and the company's ethics will make you feel even better about wearing their apparel. The fashion industry is known for being a polluting industry thanks to fast fashion, but the Saylor clothing brand is committed to changing that by creating well-made clothes that are designed to be worn for years to come. This is accomplished by creating classic dresses and silhouettes that are stylish enough to be timeless, reducing the need for seasonal closet purges.

Saylor also plans to design at least one article of clothing per month, be it a Saylor dress, jumpsuit, top, or bottom, that is made from sustainable alternative textiles like linen, Tencel, Cupro, viscose, recycled polyester, or the company's more eco-friendly lace. The Saylor brand takes pride in helping to create a greener industry through their sustainability efforts.

Saylor Brand Clothing Perfect for Your Wardrobe

As an easily accessible online boutique for lovers of designer clothes, offers a curated selection of luxury Saylor clothing designed to appeal to the modern woman and all that she has planned. Shop our Saylor fashion collection or our other high-end apparel brands and you're certain to find a new favorite piece for your wardrobe addition that shows off your own unique personality and sense of style.

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Saylor Bertie Lace Midi Dress

Saylor Bertie Lace Midi Taupe Dress

Saylor Tiggy 3 Piece Set Army Green

Saylor Tiggy 3 Piece Set Army Green

Saylor Nathalie Knit Midi Dress

Saylor Nathalie Rib Knit Midi Dress

Saylor Claudette Midi Dress

Saylor Claudette Midi Floral Pleated Dress

Saylor Tiggy Knit 3 pc Set

Saylor NY Tiggy Rainbow Knit 3 pc Set includes: Cardigan, Skirt, and Crop Top

Saylor Perrie White Dress

Saylor NY White Lace Perrie Midi Dress

Saylor NY Yara Smocked Mini Dress

Saylor NY Yara Smocked Orange Mini Dress

Saylor Alanna Striped Midi Smocked Dress

Saylor Alanna Golden Hour Stripe Midi Smocked Dress

Saylor Indiana Rainbow Midi Dress

Saylor Indiana Rainbow Striped Midi Sequin Dress

Saylor Simona Gingham Dress

Saylor Simona Gingham Black and White Dress

Saylor Johanna Vintage Floral Top

Saylor Johanna Vintage Metallic Floral Balloon Sleeve Top
€158.24 €197.80

Saylor Molly Pink Jumpsuit

Saylor Rose Pink Ribbed Long Jumpsuit
€128.14 €179.74

Saylor Malavika Rose Midi Dress

Saylor Malavika Pink Rose Midi Ribbed Dress
€128.14 €198.66

Saylor Yelle Mini Ribbed Dress

Saylor Yelle Mini Rose Pink Ribbed Dress
€120.40 €179.74

Saylor Dollie Mini Dress

Saylor Dollie Striped Mini Dress in Multi

Saylor Mykonos Mini Dress

Saylor Mykonos Mini Dress in Sand

Saylor Teryn Set

Saylor Teryn Floral Mini Dress 2 piece Set

Saylor Leanna Midi Dress

Saylor Leanna Midi Floral Print Dress

Saylor Chriselle Maxi Dress

Saylor Chriselle Maxi Dress in Blue Print

Saylor Alessandra Dress

Saylor Alessandra Mini Dress
€113.52 €253.70

Saylor Roslynn Dress

Saylor Roslynn Kimono Dress
€103.20 €206.40

Saylor Dakota Skirt

Saylor Dakota Adjustable Knee Length Skirt
€75.68 €150.50

Saylor Camilla Dress

Saylor Camila Emerald Green Dress
€126.85 €253.70

Saylor Bernadette Dress

Saylor Bernadette Pleated Floral Dress
€118.25 €236.50